She Disappeared Over A Year Ago And Then Her Purse Was Found In Her Favorite Park: Where Is Lauren Dumolo?

“We had a very uneasy feeling and asked to be informed when she arrived back home. Saturday, June 20, 2020 rolls around, and still no word a wellness check is done at her home there is no response.”

“Sunday, June 21, 2020, Father’s Day this is when we knew this was serious Lauren did not call our father, she never misses a holiday.”

Lauren’s sister and dad reported her as missing to the police, and they then discovered Lauren’s cellphone had been left behind in her apartment.

Lauren’s family also found another cellphone inside of Lauren’s apartment that was not active, and they gave both phones to a detective working on Lauren’s case.

When Cassie met with the detective, she tried to him as much as she could about what had been going on with Lauren in the days leading up to her disappearance.

“I talked to them about the unfavorable characters Lauren knew/was friendly with, I informed him of her mental health state over that past 19 days, I informed them of the abortion she had on May 22nd as well as her history of drug use,” Cassie explained.

“I did not hold back I gave them every bit of information about Lauren the good, the bad, the ugly I wanted them to understand the severity of her disappearance I did not want them to take this lightly at this point we were already at 5/6 days without any form of contact/communication or sight of her and we had no more time to waste.”

Cassie also pointed out that Lauren had been saying that she was being followed before she was placed temporarily in a mental health facility.

Lauren had been released the day before she disappeared, and she was able to get a Lyft to take her home since she did not have her own car.

Later on in the day, she went around her neighborhood applying to some local jobs since she had just lost her job due to the fact that she missed too many days while she trying to manage her mental health.

Cassie talked to Lauren on the phone that evening at around 6:26 p.m., and she recalled her older sister sounding tired and concerned about not having a job.

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