She Doesn’t Want Her Dad To Show Up To Her Wedding With His 3 Girlfriends And He Accused Her Of Discriminating Against His Lifestyle

As I’m sure anyone who has gotten married or been involved with planning a wedding knows, this is a very standard thing to invite a plus one.

Sure, if you include children at weddings, you end up having more than a plus one, but a plus one is a common way of doing things.

After she sent her invites out, she never heard anyone cause a problem. But then this week, her dad called her up asking about how far her wedding venue was from an Airbnb he was trying to rent for him and her uncles.

“I was confused because I assumed there would be a max of 6 people and I knew several Airbnb’s in the area that size,” she admitted.

Her dad then told her he was taking his three girlfriends to her wedding. One of her uncles was taking his wife and his girlfriend, and her other uncle was taking his two girlfriends.

So much for everyone getting a plus one!

This bride-to-be tried to remain as calm as possible as she mentioned to her dad that she had indicated on the invite everyone was getting a plus one.

“…I wasn’t going to pay for 4 extra women I’d never met to drink and eat at my wedding,” she continued.

“He said he thought the plus 1 was a joke because he knew my mum was bringing her husband as well as her 6yo and newborn so he assumed he got 3 guests too.”

The two children her mom now has she is exceptionally close with, and the 6-year-old is supposed to be the flower girl at her wedding.

Her dad ended up freaking out on her and insisting she was “discriminating against his lifestyle” while holding a grudge against him about divorcing her mom.

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