She Let Her Sister-In-Law Borrow Her Wedding Dress But After She Got Uninvited To The Wedding She Took Back Her Dress

A 29-year-old woman has a sister-in-law that’s 27-years-old, and they are so close that she feels like they are more like sisters than anything else.

Not only are they close in age, but they also have the exact same pastimes and interests. They also like the same kind of makeup and clothing, so it’s easy to see why they get along so well.

The problem with her sister-in-law is that her family is extremely terrible. She only has to spend time with them around the important family events, and aside from that, she pays them no mind.

Her sister-in-law’s family basically hates her because she married a woman, and the whole family acts like she is beneath them because of it.

Anyway, her sister-in-law is now getting married and asked to borrow her wedding dress to wear on her special day.

She wasted no time saying yes to her sister-in-law, and it really did mean a lot that her sister-in-law loved her dress so much.

“I sent the dress to her and received the invitation to hers and my brother’s wedding,” she said.

“I noticed my wife’s name wasn’t on the invitation. I called my sister-in-law to ask and she tells me her parents were giving her hell for inviting me and my wife because they don’t like us for ‘obvious’ reasons and after a lot of fighting they agreed that I come alone since I’m the groom’s sister but not bring my wife.”

Her sister-in-law offered an apology to her and maintained that her parents are the ones who are funding her wedding, so she has to play by their rules on the guest list.

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