21 Years Ago She Was Found Set On Fire After Having Her Hands Cut Off And Though She Was Just Identified Her Killer Is Still Out There

In addition, they began working with genealogist Barbara Rae-Venter, who is a leading expert in the field.

As investigators were partnering with Barbara to figure out Jane Doe’s real name, a man named Glen Stevenson uploaded his DNA to another database in an effort to discover some of his biological family members, as he had been adopted as a child.

San Diego Police Department; pictured above is Jane Doe as a child

Well, it turned out that Glen was a half-brother to this Jane Doe that investigators were trying to identify.

When Detective Lori Adams, who investigates cold cases for the San Diego Police Department, reached out to Glen to let him know he was a match to their Jane Doe, he was shocked.

Considering the fact that Glen didn’t know any of his biological family members, investigators still had some work to do in figuring out who Jane Doe could be.

Eventually, they came across a woman named Kimberly Beech, who was a sister of their Jane Doe, and they were able to determine that Jane Doe was really Nicole Weis.

San Diego Police Department; pictured above is Nicole

Nicole was born in Michigan, but then she moved to LA in the 90s. She had only been 20-years-old when she was discovered set on fire in that church parking lot, and her sister Kimberly spent decades wondering why she had disappeared.

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