A Bleeding Young Woman Ended Up On His Doorstep At 3 In The Morning And He’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Him To Not Let Her Inside

A man lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, and they have a bulldog who always can tell when there’s noise or something to be worried about.

“I live downtown Salt Lake City,” he said. “I wouldn’t call it a bad neighborhood compared to some large cities I’ve lived in, but there is more crime than any other part of Salt Lake.”

He and his wife went to bed recently at around 11 in the evening, and he woke up at 3 a.m. to his bulldog barking like crazy.

So, he got out of bed, picked up his flashlight, and went to the front door, where his dog was. He could hear someone outside of his front door pounding on it nonstop.

Thank goodness he had a peephole to peek through, and when he looked into it, he could clearly see a young woman outside on his front porch.

He was hesitant to just open the door up to her, because he stopped to consider the fact that someone could be hiding just out of sight, and that person could rush him after opening the door.

He asked the young woman outside what was going on, and she didn’t say anything else to him except to open up the door.

This made him really uneasy, for good reason, and when he failed to open the door, the woman asked him to shut off the light he had on over the porch.

This did nothing to make him feel better about opening the door, and so he explained to her that he was calling the cops.

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