He Found Out He Has A Secret Son But He’s Not Planning On Inviting Him To His Wedding

A 34-year-old man used to date a 35-year-old woman named Sarah. Their relationship lasted on and off through high school and into college.

At one point, they discussed getting married to one another, but after he found out Sarah was cheating on him with one of his college roommates, he ended things.

As you can imagine, it was incredibly difficult for him to have to deal with her cheating and the consequent breakup, but to complicate things further, he then learned Sarah was pregnant.

“Immediately I sought her out and to confront the possibility of her baby being mine and Sarah avoided me while sending her friends and new boyfriend “Adam” (the guy she cheated with) after me to stop harassing her,” he explained.

“I reached out to her mom explicitly stating that I only wished to know if there was a chance that I was the father and after enough persistence, Sarah contacted me directly, called me pathetic, that I wasn’t the father and if I continued she would call the police.”

Well, he was 19 at the time, and he had no money. So, he got accepted to a new college, moved away, and time went on.

He ended up meeting his current fiancé, 29-year-old Miranda, and they were in the process of planning their marriage but they had to stop their plans once the pandemic hit.

He and Miranda are now going to hold their wedding, but they’re inviting substantially fewer guests than they originally wanted to since their chosen venue has a policy in place for the number of guests you can invite.

Not long after he and Miranda mailed out their wedding invitations, a 15-year-old named Kevin reached out to him saying he was his son.

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