Her Brother Played A Horribly Cruel Prank On Her So She’s Uninviting Him To Her Wedding

She placed her bag down on her parents’ coffee table and walked into the kitchen so she could give her mom a hand.

While she was in the kitchen, Sam was watching a show in the living room. They sat down to eat dinner as a family, and when dinner was done, she went to go grab her phone out of her bag.

She reached in, picked up her phone, and noticed it was not turned on. When she turned her phone on, she saw at least a dozen calls from Jack that she had clearly missed.

She thought the worst had happened to him as she quickly called Jack back. She happened to have him on speakerphone as she made the call, and when Jack picked up he started questioning her about a message she had texted him.

“He asked me about the text I sent him an hour earlier I asked what text and he said a text telling him I was pregnant,” she explained.

“Sam suddenly started laughing. He asked if it was true and why I didn’t tell him in the morning. I was shocked I said I didn’t send anything. He told me to check my messages and I did. I saw that at 7:30 pm someone sent Jack a message saying I was pregnant.”

Obviously, it wasn’t her who sent the text. Sam continued laughing before owning up to being the one who sent it.

She freaked out on Sam, who tried to explain away what he did as “just a joke.” It’s not funny at all that she and Jack have been struggling to get pregnant, but Sam refused to accept responsibility for the horrible prank.

She told Sam that he will not be coming to their wedding after this, and she pointed out that he cannot support her and Jack as a couple so that’s why he’s uninvited.

Her parents felt she overreacted, and they tried to back Sam up. She left, knowing that Jack likely was crushed.

Jack was extremely hurt but didn’t say a word. She said she was sorry for what Sam did, and that night, she could hear Jack crying.

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