Her Ex Is Marrying The Girl He Cheated On Her With And A Lot Of Her Friends Don’t Understand Why She Doesn’t Want To Go To The Wedding

A 32-year-old woman dated her 33-year-old ex for nearly an entire decade. After close to 10 whole years together, this guy broke up with her.

He gave her some excuse that didn’t make any sense at the time, but she later found out the real reason why he dumped her is that he cheated on her with some other woman.

Things did not end well between her and her ex, and after he dumped her, he blocked her from being able to reach him at all.

Well, she understandably struggled after the end of her relationship, but it has now been a few years since that all went down.

Her ex actually ended up texting her a few years later to apologize to her for how he dealt with everything.

He told her that he thought he should have done things differently, and she accept his apology.

She said that they “buried the hatchet” and began to be cordial to one another since they would run into each other.

She also ended up being cordial to his girlfriend too (remember, that’s the woman he left her for).

“After a while (like, a long while, girl needed to heal and be by herself for a lonnggg time) I started dating a friend from our mutual group (so, one of “his” friends, since they were teenagers),” she explained.

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