Her Husband Thinks She Should Stay Home With Kids While He Goes Alone To Her Brother’s Wedding

One woman who happens to be a stay-at-home-mom with 3 young kids is in an argument with her husband over who’s going to get to attend her brother’s child-free wedding.

Her husband works a full-time job while she’s home with their children, and she acknowledged that her husband really does help out with them a lot when he’s home.

“He’s a committed dad but is absolutely against babysitters due to an awful incident with a babysitter that was the reason his younger male cousin James got disabled years ago,” she explained.

“I don’t go out much since I have to take the kids with me and not every place is suitable for kids.”

Recently, she and her husband got the invitation to attend her brother’s wedding, and at the time they did not realize no children were invited.

Her husband happens to be best friends with her brother, and they both met back in college, where they hit it off.

As soon as she realized her brother didn’t want any kids at his wedding, she wanted to immediately ask a good friend of hers whom she trusts completely to watch the kids so she and her husband could go to the wedding.

The wedding is several states apart from where she and her husband live, and it will be about 4 days total that they will have to be gone to attend the wedding and the festivities around it.

Remember how her husband is completely against all babysitters after the incident that left his cousin disabled?

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