His Wife Is Boycotting Her Brother’s Wedding Even Though He’s One Of The Groomsmen

A 37-year-old man is married to his 36-year-old wife, and they tied the knot more than a decade ago, and they have three children; two sons and one daughter.

Now, his wife has a 31-year-old brother, and he’s very close to his brother-in-law. He had only been dating his wife for a few weeks when he began getting spending more time with his brother-in-law as a friend.

They do outdoorsy things together like fishing, hunting, and off-roading, and they’re essentially more like brothers than friends at this point.

He’s always been there for his brother-in-law since he’s known him, and when his brother-in-law accidentally got a woman pregnant in his young 20s, he was there for him then too.

His wife’s whole family started insisting that his brother-in-law get married after the news of the pregnancy broke, and so, his brother-in-law went through with it.

“He never loved her, he was never all that into her,” he explained. “They just got together one night out of boredom and ended up producing a child.”

“But as far as both families were concerned that was it; they needed to get married and start and maintain a family. His ex was actually fine with it, but he wasn’t.”

“I think she loved him, but he never loved her. He loved the son that they had together, but not her. But my wife absolutely loved her and thought that she was the best thing that ever happened to her younger brother.”

At some point, during the marriage, his brother-in-law wound up cheating with a woman he’s now engaged to marry.

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