His Wife Was So Upset When All Of His Female Family Members, Including His Mom, Showed Up To Their Wedding Wearing White

A 33-year-old man recently got married, and he has a very big family that he invited. There are a lot of women in his family, including cousins, aunts, his mom, stepmom, grandma, and stepsister.

The problem will literally all of the women in his family is that they are pretty “toxic” in that they relentlessly roast any woman that is welcomed into the family.

Everything they do is so cruel it’s terrible, and they do it for months on end before accepting any new female family members.

As soon as they stop harassing the new woman, they invite her into their circle and get her to start in on the newest victims.

Back when he first met his wife and invited her to meet his family, he laid down the law and told his female family members to not start in on any of their harassment.

All of the women went forward with saying hurtful things about his wife anyway, and in fact, they took it to social media.

When he found out about this, he forced every single one of them to apologize to his wife, and although they didn’t want to, he threatened to not invite any of them to the upcoming wedding.

His own mom was part of the bullying too, and she was not one of the first ones to apologize, but she eventually did.

The day of his wedding arrived two weeks ago, and he was aware of chatter that his female family members were all going to show up wearing white as an “ultimate test” for his wife.

Ulia Koltyrina –

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