Lena Dunham Opens Up About The Body-Shaming She Received Right After She Shared A Photo Of Her Wedding

“…It’s ironic to have my body compared to a body that was also the subject of public scorn- an echo chamber of body shaming,” Lena wrote, before insisting that being thin doesn’t automatically mean that person is healthy or happy.

“The pics I’m being compared to are from when I was in active addiction with undiagnosed illness,” Lena said.

It’s been 4 years since that point in time. Lena revealed that she is sober and working “toward health.”

Lena’s husband has seen those photos from 4 years ago and acknowledges that she really was not her best self then due to the struggles she was facing.

“I say this for any other person whose appearance has been changed with time, illness or circumstance-it’s okay to live in your present body without treating it as transitional,” Lena concluded.

“I am, and I’m really enjoying it. Love you all.”

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