Parents Are Trying To Villainize This Principal All Because She’s Really Into A Metal Band

I’m sure you could think of a few valid reasons to want to get someone fired from their job, but their taste in music probably doesn’t rank among any reasons that come to your mind.

Unfortunately, that’s the exact reason behind some parents wanting one principal to be fired from her job.

Sharon Burns is the principal of Eden High School, located in Ontario, Canada. On her Twitter profile, she says she’s “fueled by metal & ska,” which definitely makes her seem like one cool school administrator.

Recently, Sharon shared a photo of herself at an Iron Maiden concert on social media, and it upset some parents of her school.

Those angry parents decided to create a petition on to get her fired over it.

Instagram; pictured above is Principal Burns at the Iron Maiden concert

Meanwhile, another petition popped up to keep Mrs. Burns employed at the school, and it has over 22,425 signatures as of right now.

“Recently, there has been a petition going around to “remove” the principal of Eden High School,” parents in support of Principal Burns wrote.

“It is ridiculous that a couple of parents only judge her role as a principal only based on an Instagram post. (About liking the band Iron Maiden. That’s it.) Eden High School is a public school.”

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