She’s Upset Her Fiancé Proposed To Her With A 20k Lab Grown Diamond And Is Demanding He Exchange It For A New Ring

A 27-year-old woman was dating a 30-year-old man for 5 years, and in May he decided to propose to her.

This guy got down on one knee and she happily accepted the ring, and everything was going great in their relationship.

Then, she asked him how much her engagement ring had cost him. He explained to her that it cost $20,000.

It took him ten years to save up that much money, and he had planned on spending it to buy a kit car for himself.

But then, as he realized this woman was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, he felt comfortable investing that much into the ring.

At first, his fiancée was literally blown away that he had dropped 20k on the ring she now had on her hand.

The ring is huge at 3.6 karats, and that made her “suspicious.” She began asking if he could show her the diamond certificate that her ring came with.

“I, of course, showed it to her (I thought she was worried I had been duped into buying a fake) and when she saw it was lab grown she got upset that I hadn’t bought her a “real” diamond,” he said.

He was shocked by what she said to him, and he listed out why.

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