The Mystery Surrounding The Disappearance And Death Of Jelani Day Has Only Deepened After His Autopsy Results Were Made Public

Bloomington Illinois. 25-year-old Jelani Day studied speech pathology at Illinois State University, and his dream was to one day be a doctor.

It was August 23rd when Jelani’s mom last spoke with him on the phone as he headed to one of his classes.

Jelani was the type of person who always returned his mom’s calls, so when she couldn’t reach him after that, she started to get worried.

Jelani’s family reported him as missing on August 25th, and authorities found security footage of him from the day he disappeared.

At 9:12 a.m. on the morning Jelani went missing, security cameras captured him walking into a store named Beyond/Hello. That was the last time Jelani was seen anywhere.

The very next day after Jelani was reported missing, his car was discovered hidden in the woods by the Illinois Valley YMCA, but he was still nowhere to be found.

In the days that followed, Jelani was a no-show for every one of his college classes, which only confirmed to his loved ones that something wasn’t right.

Facebook; pictured above Jelani smiles with his mom

The Bloomington Police agreed that Jelani disappeared under “unexplained suspicious circumstances” and sadly, he was found dead on September 4th in the Illinois River.

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