These 7 Upsetting Things Happened To People In Real Life And They Could Be Plot Lines For Horror Films

Watching a horror film and knowing that it is not based on a true story certainly helps you sleep better at night.

Well, the 7 things you’re about to read about did happen to people in real life, and they’re so disturbing they could easily be plot lines for horror films.

I’m not sure how any of these people were able to get some shut-eye ever again after what happened to them.

Dave –

“My ex-neighbor had her daughter killed by her husband so he could fund the filming of a horror movie.”

“He had a guy wait in his garage and killed his wife when he got home. The point was for insurance money that would fund a horror film they were making.”


“From personal experience: Buddy of mine and I were hanging at his family condo up in the Ozarks. Throughout the day, we kept hearing bumps, footsteps, and scratching up in the attic. We thought it was rodents, so we checked it out.”

“No rodents. Instead, we found a disheveled elderly woman up there. Turns out 2 days before we arrived, our next door neighbor locked his wife in his attic. She managed to tear and claw through to our attic, and she couldn’t have been any younger than 70.”

“How she did that, and without food or water was something incredible, but my god that was a horrifying sight to see in one’s attic. Not to mention her husband’s actions.”

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