These 7 Upsetting Things Happened To People In Real Life And They Could Be Plot Lines For Horror Films

“He had other burns as well that were from lighters or matches. Bruises up and down his body, severely malnourished, and had the mentality of a 3-year-old. I believe he was 9 when they found him. There was a rumor that it took weeks to get all of the duct tape off because it had melded with his skin.”

“I can’t remember how they were caught, but I believe it had something to do with the little girl saying something at school.”

“The mom and grandma were both convicted and sentenced to life. The girl went into foster care and no one in the community ever knew where. The boy was put in a care facility at an unknown location as well.”

“I still get sick whenever I think about it.”


“I used to be a fairly prolific member of a very well-known internet forum. A fellow member, likewise fairly prolific, had recently watched his wife die very, very slowly from a chronic illness; like, it took two years when they were both told it would be over in months.”

“A year after his wife passed, he met somebody else, and we were all overjoyed for him. We watched from afar as he fell in love, got married, and took the trip of a lifetime around the world with her, frequently posting photos of the beautiful sights and views that they were seeing together.”

“Except they weren’t. He’d met her, married her within six months, then brutally murdered her after a week of marriage, dismembered her corpse, and burned her body in the furnace of her own home.”

“She was devoutly Jewish, so he had literally desecrated her corpse. He then took all of her savings/inheritance and went on a trip around the world, even going as far as to log into her email account and send her parents emails “from their daughter” FOR ALMOST THREE YEARS to allay their suspicion at a severe lack of phone calls.”

“Police found an email from him to her, unsent, written after he had murdered her. “It said I had planned for it to be quick… I never expected you to be so durable.”


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