These 7 Upsetting Things Happened To People In Real Life And They Could Be Plot Lines For Horror Films

“An adult man would dress up in a suit and tie to look his best for my mom who was 13 at the time and my grandmother would encourage him until he started calling in the middle of the night and that got annoying so then she told him to leave her alone.”

“One winter day my mom was walking uptown to go skating and he shot her (luckily only in the arm she survived and had to do physical therapy and still has problems with her arm) one of those if he can’t have her nobody can situation.”

“This happened in a small rural town so the guys in town loaded up their guns and literally hunted him through the woods like you would a deer and held him at gunpoint until the police got there many conversations about civic justice were had.”

“He went to jail but for released not long after when he got home he placed one more call to my mother and left an apology note to his father then laid under a car and kicked the jack from under it and crushed himself to death.”


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