This 17-Year-Old Was Uninvited To Her Brother’s Wedding Because It’s Now Child-Free

This teen just took this all in, unable to say a word because she was surprised at what was going down.

Finally, she lost it on them and started sobbing. Her parents, who were not in the room when this conversation was going on, heard her outburst and came running to see what it was all about.

Once her parents were filled in on these plans, they were very upset that her sister and sister-in-law were both trying to take advantage of her.

Her dad set the two of them straight on her not having to cater to their wishes, while her mom threatened to not put any money into the upcoming wedding.

Things blew up from there, an enormous fight ensued, and her brother sided with his crazy wife as her sister accused her of being the golden child.

In the end, the wedding was called off due to the fact that the bride’s cousin didn’t want to babysit by herself, coupled with her parents refusing to pay for any part of the wedding.

Since then, her brother and sister have been texting her incredibly nasty things, and she’s being blamed for destroying the wedding.

She did take the messages to her mom and dad, who confronted her siblings about their harassing behavior.

Her dad called her brother, who refused to be put in his place, and her sister tried to cry her way into being forgiven.

After she said to her sister she would never babysit for her ever again, her sister freaked out on her and her mom made her go home.

If you thought that was the finale, it wasn’t. Her sister-in-law decided to call and say sorry, before inviting her and her parents to a family dinner.

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