This Guy Really Doesn’t Want To Buy His Girlfriend An Expensive Engagement Ring And Now That She Knows, She’s Upset

4 years ago, a 26-year-old man began dating his 26-year-old girlfriend, and things are beginning to get more serious between them now that they have been discussing getting married.

He and his girlfriend always agree on the financial aspects of their relationship, and they both prioritize saving money.

Even though her family was wealthy growing up while his was not, his girlfriend doesn’t spend a lot on things like designer items or clothing.

Back to saving money; this man has been working to put money away so he could buy his girlfriend an engagement ring.

Considering his girlfriend’s spending habits, he thought that she would be completely ok with him getting her a ring that was on the less-pricey side.

“When I started looking into rings, I discovered moissanite rings, which look similar to diamond rings but are much more affordable,” he explained.

“I was looking at rings in the $1500 – $1800 range.”

“When I mentioned this to her she insisted she wanted a real diamond ring and sent me links to a bunch of diamond rings that she liked. The prices ranged from $6,500 – $10,000.”

As soon as he heard the pricing she quoted, he made sure she knew that it was much higher than what he was wanting to pay for an engagement ring.

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