This Sweet Snap Of A Firefighter Reading A Book To A Little Girl Who Was In A Crash Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

Billings, Montana. On September 29th in Billings, a woman named Allie Marie Schmalz snapped a sweet photo of a firefighter reading a book to a little girl who was in a car crash that evening.

Allie uploaded the photo to Facebook, along with the caption, “Sweetest thing ever! This fireman is reading books to a little girl after being in an accident. First responders are amazing.”

The photo of the firefighter reading to the little girl that Allie posted quickly caught the community’s attention, and one man commented on her post that he actually knew the firefighter; Ryan Benton.

“Will u show him and tell him that was the sweetest thing ever to see???” Allie asked.

“He was so kind to her and gave her a little bag with goodies in it. He sat there for a while reading to her and it was so awesome and precious.”

Facebook; pictured above is the heartwarming photo that Allie captured, unbeknownst to the firefighter

Well, Ryan’s wife Katy then said on Allie’s post that he saw the photo, and she was appreciative of Allie for sharing it.

Allie replied that she felt that the image should be shared since so many first responders don’t get the acknowledgment they deserve for the things that they do.

The Billings Fire Fighters also shared the photo to their Instagram account, saying, “It’s the little things.”

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