38 Years Ago This Teen Left Her House With A Male Friend, Who Later Said They Got Into An Argument Before She Disappeared

Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was the summer of 1983 and 18-year-old Tammy Lynn Leppert had just started to really scratch the surface of her movie career.

Tammy was no stranger to the spotlight; she had spent her childhood competing in pageants and racking up hundreds of wins.

But that year that she turned 18, she landed a role in the movie Spring Break, and then she went on to secure a part in Scarface.

Tammy was excited to continue her career as an actress, and her big dream was to make the move to Hollywood, which she had planned to do soon.

Unfortunately, before Tammy could turn her dreams into a reality, she disappeared.

Facebook; pictured above is Tammy

In the days leading up to Tammy’s disappearance, Tammy’s mom realized she wasn’t acting quite like herself.

According to Tammy’s mom, Tammy was becoming increasingly fearful and anxious, and she kept insisting someone was about to kill her.

Concerned for her daughter, Tammy’s mom got her medical attention, but the doctor who examined Tammy couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with her.

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