He Went On A Date Then Ditched The Girl Even Though He Drove And He’s Telling The Internet He Had A Valid Reason For Doing So

A 26-year-old man took a girl out for a date last week, and they initially met one another at the gym.

He’s been crushing on her for some time and decided to finally ask her out on a date. She agreed, and he picked out a Korean restaurant to take her to since he thought Korean BBQ would be a fun first date.

He drove to his date’s place and picked her up, then took them to the restaurant. They sat at the bar and chatted while they waited for their table to be ready for them.

“Then we go to our table and it’s got a huge grill with a fire on it and she instantly asks what this is (how does anyone not know what Korean bbq is?),” he explained.

“But I brushed it off and explained to her and she was like “but why do we have to do all the work? Lol (yes she said lol unironically) isn’t that their job?” I explained to her that’s what’s fun about it but we could always order off of the a la carte menu if she didn’t want bbq.”

“But she said “just make them do it for us” and insisted on calling the waitress over and asking her to put the meat on the grill and demanded to be served after it was ready. This elderly Korean lady had to shuffle between busy tables and come and flip the meat and serve our plates.”

“But wait. It gets worse.”

He is already feeling incredibly humiliated and he’s thinking he’s already finding out this girl has some serious red flags.

Despite feeling like this, he wanted to stick it out, especially since he hoped things would get intimate. Dinner comes to an end, their waitress hands them a menu so they can order dessert, and as soon as the waitress walks off, his date has something awful to say.

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