Her Best Friend’s Wedding Got Called Off At The Last Minute And Now Her Friend Is Furious With Her For Posting Anniversary Photos Since It Was Too Close To What Would Have Been The Wedding

“Well on the night of my sister’s wedding apparently something crazy went down and the wedding was called off,” she said. “No one told me why and just said it was insane.”

“I dropped off food and bought breakfast for her and her family, leaving it at the door so she didn’t have to see me.”

“I was then told by the MOH that I needed to give her space and leave her alone. I apologized and explained that doing that was how I always let her know I was thinking of her and left it at that.”

Her best friend’s wedding was supposed to be the same week that her wedding anniversary is. She shared a photo from her own wedding on social media to celebrate that, and her best friend’s maid of honor reached out to her to demand that she take the post down.

She still was not feeling happy with the maid of honor for how she was treated when she dropped off breakfast and food with her best friend, so she decided not to reply to this woman.

“I was later told by MOH that I am petty and conniving,” she continued. “The bride won’t speak to me and my sister saw her and the ‘groom’ out shopping together the next week.”

“I have felt so bad thinking that I am a bad person but I’ve explained to her I’ve been worried, I’ve cried almost every night worrying that she is ok only for them to still be together? I’m genuinely confused.”

How would you deal with this?

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