Her Boyfriend Nearly Killed Her And She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Make Him Pay For Her Medical Bills

A 21-year-old college student has been dating her 24-year-old boyfriend for the past 4 years. Since they are both attending college right now, they don’t exactly have a ton of money to their names.

She did admit that she has some cash saved, though it’s strictly to afford college. It’s important to take note of their financial situations before diving into what happened.

“I am deathly allergic to peanuts and it has been this way my whole life, I was told even the smallest spec could kill me,” she explained.

“I have been very careful and in my entire life, I’ve only had to use my EpiPen twice.”

Her boyfriend is well aware of her extreme allergy, but he pretty much doesn’t care, since he routinely eats things with peanuts in them.

In an effort to keep herself safe, she won’t kiss her boyfriend if she knows he ate anything with peanuts in it when she sees him.

“Personally, I never liked that he just didn’t stop because I feel like he was putting me in danger but I also couldn’t force him to stop either and it has worked for the past for years,” she said.

Not that long ago, her boyfriend stopped by her dorm room to see her. Just moments after he had kissed her, her lips swelled up and her throat began to close, which she knew was an allergic reaction.

She lept up to get her EpiPen and said to her boyfriend he needed to get her to the closest Emergency Room.

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