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Her Bridesmaids Fought Back After She Gave Them Some Pretty Crazy Requirements To Be Part Of Her Wedding

Many of them simply can’t afford to spend the kind of money she’s expecting them to lay out.

Some of the feedback they gave her included the bridesmaid dresses being far too much money, though she says she gave them several options.

Her bridesmaids also said it would be too tough on them financially to spend money on a destination wedding and a bachelorette destination trip, so they asked if she would be able to select accommodations that are more in line with what they can afford.

She refused to pick a different hotel since she wants everyone to stay at the same place where she will be staying, and she wants her bridesmaids to be with her on the bachelorette destination trip “at all times.”

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Ultimately, two of her six bridesmaids stepped down over all this, and the following day, she had a meeting with the four that stayed on.

One of her remaining four bridesmaids pointed out to her that what she’s asking of them isn’t feasible for every single person, so she shouldn’t have an issue with that.

“She said I need to grow up and realize not everyone can afford it and it’s not my business to argue about it,” this bride-to-be continued.

“She said unless I can get my s*** together she’ll drop out too because I don’t seem understanding and I’ll be a nightmare to work with.”

Well, that means she only has three bridesmaids left who are on her side and trying to support her wishes for her wedding day.

Her sister is also of the opinion that she needs to stop worrying about the bridesmaids she lost, though she is still left feeling upset that things have kicked off with a lot of drama over what she wants.

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