Her Sister Photoshopped Photos Of Her 14-Year-Old Daughter At The Mall And She’s Telling The Internet It Obliterated Her Daughter’s Confidence

“Your sister is a mean girl, and Lucy will remember this for the rest of her life. Protect your daughter before even more permanent damage happens.”

“And make sure Lucy knows how the true crippling insecurity is Valerie’s, as she won’t be seen with people she perceives as imperfect — even her own niece.”


“Btw, I highly recommend a YouTube channel, Stephanie Lange. She points out how so-called influencers don’t really look like that in real life and how they pose or tweak photos to get the Instagram look.”

“Might be good for your daughter to watch, or you to watch to get new pathways to discuss the issue with your daughter outside of just therapy. Kudos to you for being supportive and getting her the help she needs.”


You can read the rest of what the internet had to say here.

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