His Family Hired A Private Investigator To Investigate His Girlfriend And He’s Telling The Internet He Freaked Out On Them When They Told Him About It

A guy has a girlfriend that he moved in with around 4 weeks ago, and he’s decided to ask her to marry him soon.

Before he and his girlfriend moved in, his girlfriend met his family. Several weeks after they all met, his family called him over to have a discussion about something that was very “serious.”

It turns out what they wanted to discuss is that they hired a private investigator to investigate his girlfriend.

14 years prior, his girlfriend did have a problem with gambling, and he’s fully aware of this fact about her.

Since she got help, she has gone on to sponsor other gambling addicts on their journey to recovery, and she also participates in gamblers anonymous.

His girlfriend is very vocal and public about the struggle she has had and about getting help for other people struggling with the same addiction.

Online, she has shared many things about this topic, and she has also done interviews and spoken at different events throughout the years.

“Anyone who searches her name, looks at social media, or even talks to her would know,” he explained.

“She told me about it the second time we met after our first date because she wanted to be honest. I also want to say though she makes no excuses when she used to gamble she was self-employed, financially supporting herself, and didn’t have any kids or people depending on her so she only ever used her own money and affected herself.”

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