His Fiancée’s Sister Harasses And Comes Onto Him So He Doesn’t Want Her To Be The Maid Of Honor In The Wedding

A 24-year-old man is engaged to his fiancée, who is the same age as him. He popped the question to her pretty recently, and they just began deciding on what to do for their wedding.

The other day, his fiancée shared with him that she wants her younger 22-year-old sister to be the maid of honor, which he actually has a major problem with.

You see, his fiancée’s sister lived along with him and his fiancée for a bit, since their apartment is right by her campus.

His fiancée’s sister had some problems with campus housing, so she had only planned to live with him and his fiancée for one semester before she could return to campus housing.

“I had only met her a few times before this, but she seemed nice,” he explained. “However, once she moved in with us, that’s where things started.”

“She would say things like “you would look good in that” or “I wish I could find someone like you”. During the few months it divulged into her “accidentally” walking in on me in the shower, spilling things on me so that I have to change clothes, saying that she should be in my fiancée’s shoes, and constantly making comments about my body.”

“I told my fiancée about these things multiple times because it made me uncomfortable, but she kept dismissing me.”

“I also brought these concerns to her sister, but she kept playing it off as a joke. Nothing changed, but luckily, she moved out once she could go back to the dorms.”

And that’s the whole reason why he does not like his fiancée’s sister.

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