His Wife Is Too Jealous To Go To His Sister’s Wedding So He Called Her Out For Being Selfish

Well, his mom ended up having a wedding one year after theirs, and he recently discovered his wife was looking at his mom’s wedding photos on social media.

She was also sobbing while spying, and he tried to make her feel better, but she was broken over the fact that his mom had a lavish wedding while she will never get one.

“Now Jane is getting married and my mom is paying for everything,” he explained. “My mom has a lot of money and I know Jane’s wedding is going to be over the top.”

“I’m going to be walking Jane down the aisle. My mom and other sister will be there, but we’ve seen them plenty of times during the no contact and it has never been an issue.”

His mom and his younger sister always leave him and his wife alone, and they have zero interest in having a relationship again.

“My wife said her issue is completely about how much it hurts to see Jane get the wedding she didn’t get, and she said she isn’t going to come with me because it will hurt too badly,” he continued.

He begged his wife to think about her feelings, put them aside, and come anyway since he will feel very alone if he has to go by himself.

Adding to this, Jane is the single person in his family that he has now, and he wants to be there for her with his wife.

“I called her selfish for not coming to Jane’s wedding and said I feel that she doesn’t care about me and cares more about a party,” he revealed.

His wife was crushed and accused him of not caring about her feelings at all. Needless to say, it’s been weird between them in the days since this conversation.

How would you deal with this?

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