Just Days Before She Was Shot Dead In Her Car, She Found A Tracking Device Her Killer Left Behind

Fort Worth, Texas. It was 8:30 in the evening on October 26th when someone called 911 to say that they witnessed a car crash just off the highway.

The 911 caller had stopped to help, and they were shocked to see what appeared to be bullet holes shot through the crashed car.

They could see the driver was a young woman, and she was not responsive.

Officers with the Fort Worth Police Department and first responders rushed to the scene of the crash, only to find that the young woman who had been behind the wheel had already passed away.

A passport inside of her car indicated that she was 23-year-old Abigail Saldaña. Homicide detectives also found clothing inside of Abigail’s car that made them think she might be a dancer.

Close to where the crash happened was a club, and so homicide detectives went inside to see if anyone in there knew Abigail.

They found out that Abigail worked there, and they spoke to Abigail’s manager, who revealed something disturbing to them.

Instagram; pictured above is Abigail

The manager said to the detectives that Abigail had been harassed not that long ago by one of the customers, whose name was Stan.

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