She Canceled Her Wedding When She Found Out Her Fiancé Was Cheating On Her And Then Her Best Friend Stole Her Wedding Date

A 28-year-old woman was going to be a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding, and her best friend, who is the same age as her, was going to play the same role in her own upcoming wedding.

She and her best friend were getting married just 4 months apart from one another, and her wedding was going to be first.

“We went dress shopping & everything together & it was such a cool thing to do this kinda thing together & both get married in the same year,” she explained.

“I found out 2 months before my wedding that my fiancé was being unfaithful to me for a while so I broke everything with him off including the wedding & everything.”

“I wrote in my bridesmaids’ group chat explaining that everything was off & what happened. Literally, 5 days later my best friend wrote in her bridesmaids chat to inform us that she & her husband were gonna change their wedding date to an earlier date.”

As soon as she found out that her best friend was moving her wedding up to be the exact day she was supposed to have gotten married before calling her wedding off, she was floored.

She sent a message to just her best friend saying that she was really uncomfortable being part of her wedding that was now happening on the day hers was supposed to be.

She told her friend she would be too full of emotions and it would be best for her to just not be a bridesmaid anymore.

Her friend accused her of being an awful friend for not supporting her new date and threw it in her face she had paid good money for the gifts she got her as a bridesmaid.

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