She Let It Slip That She Was Pregnant At A Friend’s Wedding And After That She Was Basically Accused Of Trying To Steal Away Attention

A woman is married to a man who is friends with a pretty big circle; around 20 people are part of the group, and they have all been close since they were born.

This group of her husband’s friends also has grown to include their significant others and siblings as well.

From the start, she was always treated awfully by the women in the group. She is pretty positive this is due to the fact that she and her husband got married quite fast, meanwhile, these women were all dying to get proposed to.

Some of the women even told her after an evening full of alcohol that this was the reason why they never liked her.

Aside from her and her husband, another couple from the group of friends recently tied the knot.

She and her husband were invited to the wedding, and while they were all enjoying the reception, another guy friend from the group questioned her about why she wasn’t drinking that evening.

He immediately burst out by saying he knew she had to be pregnant. She and her husband laughed in response and confirmed the news to him.

She and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years and were thrilled to finally be pregnant, though they knew it was pretty high risk, and they shared that information.

Her husband’s friends started getting really happy and hugging them both, though the women from that particular friend group weren’t so elevated by the news.

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