She Let It Slip That She Was Pregnant At A Friend’s Wedding And After That She Was Basically Accused Of Trying To Steal Away Attention

A lot of them gave her looks and accused her of pretending that her pregnancy was delicate because she wanted to just get attention.

“I start cramping later in the evening and we leave to go to the hospital,” she explained. “Everything turned out fine, they monitor me and release me.”

“Long story short, I lose the baby about a month later. The couple that got married came by the day after as I’m devastated and falling apart… she says to me… thank God you didn’t lose your baby at my wedding! With a roll of her eyes and smirk.”

“We kicked them out and I was confused wondering.. was it because I unintentionally stole the attention? Should my hubby have denied the pregnancy?”

She really isn’t sure how she could have handled things in a way that left this bride feeling like she wasn’t trying to steal away the attention on the wedding day.

How would you deal with this?

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