She’s Skipping Out On Her Sister’s Wedding Over The Wedding Dress She Chose

A woman says that she’s had a tough time getting along with her older half-sister for several years now.

It also doesn’t help that their mom is tough to deal with, making their relationship even more strained.

It’s a difficult family dynamic, but any time her mom is being hard to be around, she and her sister somewhat come together, and every time her sister is being awful to her mom, she doesn’t get along with her sister.

Despite her mom not being the easiest person to be around, her mom has really gone out of her way to help her and her sister.

Several years ago, her mom actually purchased her sister a house, which only caused an enormous argument that resulted in nobody in their family really speaking to her sister.

As of last year, she began growing closer to her sister, which her mom became upset about. Also during 2020, she ended up losing her job and ended up opening up a bridal shop in the city they’re from.

Not long after, her sister got engaged, and so she was thrilled about her sister getting married. Her sister’s wedding is happening in 2023.

She told her sister that she could order her basically any wedding dress she wanted since she now owns a bridal shop, and she offered to not charge her sister the full retail price.

Well, a few weeks ago, her sister went to try on a dress from a shop that she considers to be her biggest competition.

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