She Wants To Uninvite Her Teen Cousin From Her Wedding Because Of Her Autism

A 25-year-old woman is getting married soon, and her 45-year-old Aunt Lila is the one who is stepping up to fulfill the mother of the bride role since her mom sadly died when she was little and she has never ended up getting alone with her stepmom.

Aunt Lila has a 16-year-old daughter named Meli who has autism. Now, this bride-to-be knew that Meli needed to come along with them to all of the wedding-related activities they did, and she never had a problem with it.

“The problem began when she started to have meltdowns when I chose things that she didn’t like, my aunt understood that she couldn’t have it her way because it was my wedding but Meli started to get physically, she throw the cake table at the cake tasting when I didn’t choose the one she liked, she did the same when we went to choose the tablecloth color or when I rejected her playlist for the reception (Amazing playlist tbh, but I’m not sure that BTS or Doja Cat are reception materials),” she explained.

In an effort to make her cousin feel better, she said it would be great to play her playlist during the party, but Meli was still not happy.

She and her Aunt Lila knew this wouldn’t work, continuing to take Meli with them to get things done for the wedding, and so her aunt came up with a solution.

Instead of bringing Meli too, Aunt Lila started taking Meli over for her ex-husband to watch any time they had to get some things accomplished in the wedding planning process.

Meli was seemingly ok with all of that, but she pleaded to be invited to shop for the wedding dress.

She was very apprehensive about letting Meli come along for this since Meli had been irate about anything she didn’t agree with.

Aunt Lila promised to make sure Meli behaved, and so, they all went dress shopping.

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