She Was Found Dismembered Then Dumped Along Several Roads And Hotel Surveillance Footage Showed Who Was With Her In Her Final Hours

Sydney had a supportive family and she was close to her parents and her two siblings, Levi and MacKenzie.

She would text her mom every night without fail, at around 10:30. She would hang out with her sister and cook dinner with her or watch Netflix.

On Thursday, November 16th, 2017, Sydney didn’t come to work. Sydney was always on time and eager, except for on the occasional days the depression she struggled with got the better of her, but she would call in sick not let anyone down.

Her coworkers started to panic as the minutes ticked by, and some of them even went to her home to see if she was there.

Leah Shaw, who was part of the human resources team at Menards would later say in court, “I remember standing at the entrance where she’d come in watching to see if her car came into the parking lot and it never did.”

As evening arrived, Sydney’s family became concerned too, because they couldn’t get a hold of Sydney.

Facebook; Sydney snaps a selfie, above

So, Sydney’s mom Susie drove out to her place on Friday morning, and she was disturbed by what she found.

Her car was sitting right there, parked in the driveway. Her bag was placed right on the counter as if she was still home. Every single light in her place was on in broad daylight.

Nothing was out of place, which further added to the mystery of where Sydney was. Then, Sydney’s mom Susie realized Mimsey was left behind with no water or food.

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