She Was Murdered This Summer Along With Her Dog While Out Walking In A Park And These Are The Terrible Details Of Her Autopsy Report

Atlanta, Georgia. 40-year-old Katie Janness took her dog, Bowie, with her out for a walk in the early morning hours of July 28th.

Katie was last seen on surveillance footage at 12:09 in the morning walking with Bowie through Atlanta’s Midtown area before she ended up heading to Piedmont Park.

While Katie and Bowie were inside of the park, they were brutally murdered. Their bodies were later found at approximately 1:10 that morning after a call came in about a person having been stabbed.

Katie and her dog both suffered from multiple stab wounds, and by the time officers had arrived, they sadly could not do anything to save them.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Katie

“Katie was gruesomely murdered in Piedmont Park early Wednesday morning. Katie was a kind, beautiful and loyal partner,” a GoFundMe page created to help cover the cost of Katie’s funeral reads.

“Today I lost the love of my life and my baby boy. It was tragic,” Katie’s wife Emma wrote.

“She was the most intelligent, kind, humble, and beautiful person I have ever known. I wanted to spend every second with her.”

“He was the sweetest most loyal companion. My heart is so very broken, my world will never be the same. Thank you to everyone who has reached out. It is truly appreciated.”

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