She’s Upset That Her Mom Wants To Wear A Dress For An Anniversary Celebration That’s Too Much Like Her Wedding Dress

While the trio was on their shopping trip, her mom did find a dress that she really wanted to get, however, this bride-to-be was upset that it was too much like her own wedding dress.

“The lace on the dress is very similar to my wedding gown and it made me feel weird,” she said.

“The vibe feels similar too. I simply asked my mom to make sure her dress isn’t too close to mine, because it is my special once-in-a-lifetime dress.”

Her mother-in-law accused her right then and there of being “insecure” and “jealous”.

“MIL immediately called me jealous and insecure,” she continued. “My mom started to whine about how she loves it and I should care about her feelings.”

“MIL gave her a weird pep speech about how I’m an adult and she doesn’t owe me s***. I said it was fine and not that big of a deal, and I had just been expressing a concern, but if it meant that much to my mom, just get it.”

Her mother-in-law is still upset with her for thinking her mom should be focusing more on her upcoming wedding than the anniversary party.

Meanwhile, her mom is left feeling bad that she was not excited about her dress.

How would you deal with this?

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