She’s Upset That Her Mom Wants To Wear A Dress For An Anniversary Celebration That’s Too Much Like Her Wedding Dress

A woman who is about to get married soon has a mom who is in the middle of getting ready for a big 25th-anniversary party.

She says her mom is essentially making the anniversary party into another wedding because it’s going to be that lavish.

She decided to make her wedding date just weeks away from her mom’s anniversary party, and she mentioned that she was fine with the events being so close together, but now she’s feeling upset that her mom is spending so much time planning that anniversary party.

“…I have felt hurt by how much she is focusing on her party and not my wedding,” she explained.

“Also she has become best best friends with my toxic hateful MIL, and honestly that hurts.”

So the biggest issue for this bride-to-be is that she already selected her wedding dress, which her mother-in-law and mom have both seen.

After she picked out her dress, her mom went out to get a dress for her anniversary party, and she was invited to go look too, along with her mother-in-law.

“My mom very much wants to feel like a bride again, and can’t stand that I’m the one actually getting married,” she said.

“I think wearing white to an anniversary party is pretty normal, but the dresses she picks are just so lacy and sparkly, though thank God, not floor length.”

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