This Wedding Photographer Went Viral On TikTok After Sharing Her Theory On How To Spot Love That Just Won’t Last

Everyone wants to know if their love will last; we’ll read countless articles on love and relationships or how to tell if you’ve found “the one.”

However, there’s also a competing question approached in many articles; how do you know if they’re not the one, or that your love isn’t built to last?

Wedding photographers play a crucial yet subtle role in the wedding ceremony.

Yet, we might not usually consider all they’ve observed in their shoots or whether they have continued interest in what happens with couples after their big day.

Shayla Herrington, a photographer from Arkansas, shares her wedding tips and her experiences through her Tik Tok page. Her videos include advice on saving money for your wedding, details on her pregnancy and travel updates, and stories of wild nuptials.

Her most-viewed video (280,000 views and counting) recalls a conversation she had with a seasoned photographer.

He had been in and around the wedding industry for between 10 and 15 years and told Shayla he “can always tell if the couple will last or not based on three things.”

Shayla then shares the “first indicator” that this photographer pointed out to her.

TikTok; pictured above is Shayla in her video

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