This Wedding Photographer Went Viral On TikTok After Sharing Her Theory On How To Spot Love That Just Won’t Last

“One of the spouses will take more than, like, three family photos without the other spouse,” Shayla said.

She then processes what she thinks about this rule, agreeing that this behavior seems kind of “suspicious.”

In the comments, her viewers agree that it feels odd to take more photos with your parents or siblings alone than with the new addition to your family.

They could see it as a way of making sure you have photos excluding your spouse; if the marriage goes down the drain, you may only want to remember the event itself.

The second indicator love just won’t last between a couple is that “the bridesmaids or the groomsmen will avoid talking about the spouse when they’re getting ready or doing toasts…and that’s typically because they don’t like them.”

Though there’s debate about how important it is for your friends and family to like your spouse, it seems that, more often than not, avoiding the topic altogether is a sign that there’s doubt in the air about the strength or fit of the partnership.

And, finally, Shayla shares the last indicator: “One of the spouses will spend more time with friends and family than with their spouse.”

This indicator falls on a fine line since weddings are a gathering of folks from near and far that you may have missed.

However, as a newly married couple, you will enter into these same relationships together in the future. Because of this, it only makes sense to include your partner in these interactions and vice versa.

In the wake of her unexpected uptick in views, Shayla shared her reaction to going viral. She posted a video featuring screenshots of news outlets that covered her story, using the sound bite “I think I may have girl bossed too close to the sun.”

But from where we’re standing, it looks like she’s making a name for herself and giving couples a lot to think about when it comes to their big day.

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