2-Year-Old Left Orphaned After His Mom Took Her Life And His Dad Died In A Car Accident The Day After Christmas

Los Osos, California. Baby Drew is a 2-year-old little boy who recently was left orphaned after his mom took her own life and his dad died in a car accident the day after Christmas.

It’s heartbreaking that Baby Drew’s life will no longer be the way that he knew it, and that he will no longer have his parents to be there for him.

Baby Drew’s dad Andrew had a job as a paramedic in the town of Mariposa in California, while Baby Drew’s mom Stacey stayed at home to take care of him and his dad Andrew.

“Stacey became pregnant with their second child, a girl, during COVID,” Susannah Stone wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“Already into her third trimester of pregnancy, deeply affected by postpartum depression, among other unknown factors, Stacey shockingly took her own life.”

“Little Drew’s baby sister could not be saved. Dad Andrew could not find it in himself to return to paramedic service after being unable to save Stacey the night he discovered what she had done.”

Susannah said that Andrew tried so very hard to work towards rebuilding a life for him and Baby Drew that no longer included Stacey.

“Baby Drew struggled a long time with the loss of his mom,” Susannah explained. “Too young to understand his feelings of loss, but able to feel the pain of them.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Baby Drew with his parents

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