6 Months After Having Her Baby She Gave Him Up For Adoption And Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Made The Right Choice Since Her Baby Daddy’s Family Is Furious

So, you can imagine how confused she was to get this kind of a call.

“I talked to my ex about it and found out his parents were actually homeless,” she said. “I’m in no way shaming them for being so, I just know that is no place for a 6-month-old baby.”

She was positive she made the right choice for her son adopting him out to the family that she picked for him, but now she’s left with doubt, especially since a lot of her own family members weighed in on this new information.

Her family was incredibly supportive of her, but after she told them about her ex’s mom, they’re saying she’s terrible for not trying to adopt her baby within her ex’s family.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“I think that’s a mature and very wise and hard decision you had to make on your own.”

“You knew that you didn’t have the maternal requirements and instead of blaming others or taking it out on the baby, you gave him a better life!”


“It takes a lot of courage and maturity to make the decision to put up a baby for adoption. You did a wonderful thing for your child.”

“Your ex’s family has no say in this. And with the grandparents being homeless, how could they even step in even if they wanted to.”


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