6 Months Ago She Left Her Mom A Distressing Voicemail Before Someone Captured A Video Of Her Looking Distraught: Where Is Kandi Gonzalez?

He did explain what happened the day that Kandi disappeared, as his sister-in-law was at his house helping one of their disabled family members load the car. As his sister-in-law was standing there in the driveway, some teenaged boys drove up to the house.

These boys had been doing some landscaping work at a nearby home when they saw Kandi in the yard they were working on.

“The young men stated they tried to approach her to see if she needed help. Multiple times she walked away and circled back into the yard before walking off down the main road of Abbott Creek,” Stacy said in a statement.

Facebook; Kandi smiles in the photo above

“The young men decided to drive ahead to see if they could help her. As they approached our address, they saw adults in the driveway and stopped to inform them of the situation.”

“That is when Ms. Gonzales entered our front yard, spoke to no one, and continued through our gate to the back yard.”

“The next few moments were somewhat chaotic, but Ms. Gonzales was approached by our sister-in-law and was offered help.”

“We have seen the video of the exchange and it is unfortunate that Ms. Gonzales did not remain on our property and wait for additional attempts to phone her mother.”

“After Ms. Gonzales exited the property the police were notified in another attempt to help Ms. Gonzales.”

“I understand that some people are upset by the comments made by one of the teenage boys.”

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