After Her Coworker’s Wedding Got Called Off, Her Coworker Accused Her Of Ruining Her Life And Being The Reason Why There’s No Longer Going To Be A Wedding

He felt that Nick deserved to know all of this prior to actually walking down the aisle and adopting Amanda’s other children.

“I was stunned and told Nick that Adam is a bit unstable, to begin with, and might be lying out of jealousy as he’d always had a thing for Amanda,” she said.

“I asked if he had confronted Amanda and he said no, and told me he was at a loss as to what to do. I basically said he had two choices- either he loves Amanda and the baby enough to not care, or if he needed to know for sure, an answer was a paternity test away.”

Guess what solution Nick picked? A paternity test. Guess who the father of Amanda’s baby is? Not Nick.

Right after Nick got the results back of the paternity test, he brought them right to Amanda to confront her before calling off their wedding entirely.

This woman then found out through another man that comes into their bar a lot and who is friends with Nick that Amanda confessed to being fully aware that Nick was not the father the entire time.

She simply went through with telling him he was the dad because she was betting on him proposing to her because he’s a good guy who also happens to be well-off.

“Word about the conversation between Nick and I got around, and Amanda has been texting me about how I ruined her life and I had no business butting in,” she continued.

Pavel –

“She claims if I hadn’t suggested the paternity test, Nick never would have gotten one, and she’d have a husband and a father for her kids.”

“And I feel like she might be right. I absolutely could have minded my own business and told Nick I had no advice for him.”

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