He Really Wants To Live With His Girlfriend But He Absolutely Hates Her Pets

A 28-year-old man is dating a 27-year-old woman, and they have been in a relationship for nearly a year.

They currently live separately and it takes 40 minutes for each of them to drive to the other’s place.

They are both really over the driving distance and would really like to take the next step in their relationship, which would be living together.

“As far as she goes, I love everything about her,” this man said about his girlfriend. “I’ve been in more relationships than I’d like to admit and she’s hands down the best one I’ve been in for more reasons than I can even explain.”

“The issue is her two cats and her dog, a two-year-old Husky.”

Now, he admits he’s not really into animals, though he did have dogs and cats when he was growing up.

He really doesn’t consider pets to be a problem if they are well-behaved and do not destroy things in the home, however, this is not the case with the pets that his girlfriend has.

“Literally, every time she gets home from work, from my place, wherever, she sends me Snapchats of something her animals chewed up, peed on, or just overall annihilated,” he said.

“Her furniture, her plants, her bedding, her knick-knacks, it’s always something.”

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