Her Friend Proposed To Her Completely Out Of The Blue So She Said No But He Won’t Accept That As An Answer

A woman recently was proposed to by one of her guy friends completely out of the blue, and obviously, she said no after being caught so off guard by the proposal.

She started out by saying that she’s been friends with this guy for 5 years, but he’s not like her best friend or anything.

She only occasionally chats with him, and she recently had not even seen him for a few years.

Anyway, this guy friend of hers stopped by the town she lives in, and he happened to ask if she would be free to hang out and grab drinks.

She said yes, and went to meet up with him. They chatted during drinks just about what he was up to and what he was doing with his life.

The bar they were at was only 2 blocks from the apartment she has, so her friend suggested that he walk her home.

So, they left the bar, and he walked her back to her place. As soon as the two of them got to her front door, he asked her if he could kiss her.

She did not tell him no out loud, but she turned her head so he could not kiss her on the mouth.

After that, he wanted to come upstairs to her apartment so they could keep chatting.

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