Her Husband Blindsided Her With A Divorce And Ripped Their Young Son Away From Her: Now Her Friend Is Fighting To Reunite This Mom And Her Son

Dallas, Texas. On October 30th, a woman named Olivia had something terrible happen to her; her husband blindsided her with a divorce and ripped their young son away from her.

At the same time, Olivia was locked out of the house she shared with her husband and prevented from accessing most of her finances.

She went close to an entire month without being able to see her son at all, and lately, she has only been permitted to see her son for several short hours per week.

Now, Olivia’s friend Samantha is fighting to reunite this mom and her son.

Samantha said on a GoFundMe page that Olivia is “one of the most extraordinary people” that she knows, and she has been friends with Olivia for more than 20 years.

“She is the most profoundly loving and thoughtful person,” Samantha explained. “If you know Olivia, you know that she is an exceptional mom.”

“The care she has given her son has been a guidepost for me in my own motherhood journey. For the past several years, she has brought the same dedication to motherhood that she brings to all her endeavors – including steadfast commitment, unmatched intelligence, and pure love.”

Olivia’s dedication as a mom has resulted in her son being happy, loving, and intelligent as well.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Olivia

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