His Cousin’s About To Get Married For The Second Time In A Year And He’s Being Accused Of Sabotaging Her Wedding To Guy Number Two After Refusing To Go

He recently had all of his cousins over for a game night, which he has at his place monthly. He’s extremely tight with his cousins, and his aunts consider him to be like the leader of them all.

At his most recent game night, his cousins started talking about Megan’s upcoming second wedding.

He and Jenn revealed that they’re skipping out on the wedding, and all of his cousins and their significant others wanted to know why.

They had already said yes to going to Megan’s wedding.

He insisted that they all should go through with attending Megan’s wedding, but that he and Jenn can’t support it.

After telling his cousins this information, most of them decided the change their minds and also not go to Megan’s wedding.

“My other aunts/uncles are furious at my cousins because my cousins are saying they won’t go,” he said.

“My mom is distraught, saying that we’ll be left out of the picture (we take a large family photo at weddings). Saying it will hurt Megan, it will dampen the wedding, that my cousins will follow my lead and the family needs me there.”

He maintained that he could not go, and then his mom and Megan’s mom, his Aunt G, arrived at his house, pleading with him to change his mind.

Since nearly all of his cousins backed out of the wedding, his mom and aunt were hoping that he would reconsider so that his cousins would agree to go to the wedding again.

“I said that I have better things to do that weekend and asked them to leave,” he continued.

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